Outfoxing the Ordinary

Boom Pirates

Game Feature

Boom Pirates Feature

The base game starts with the Base Grid, creating a 5×4 1,024-ways-to-win game. On every spin, there is a chance for the Boom Pirates feature to occur. This expands the reels from a 5×4 grid to a 6×9 grid for the win evaluation with ways-to-win up to 10,077,696. If the feature has been triggered we expand the reels to a 6×9 grid for the win evaluation which will improve the player’s payout. If the game pay cannot be improved, the feature is skipped.

Free Spins

Three scatter symbols trigger the Free Spins. Initially, 10 Free Spins are awarded. During Free Spins, the whole 9×6 grid is evaluated for a win on every spin. 5 Extra Free Spins are awarded if 3 scatter symbols appear on the reels during Free Spins.

Mary’s Swashbuckling Attack

For any non-winning spin Mary may randomly swing in on a rope to chnage some symbols and award a 5-of-a-kind win. Other winning combinations may appear together with a 5-of-a-kind.

Bonus Buy Feature

The Bonus Buy Feature allows instantly trigger 10 Free Spins. The Buy Feature costs 100x total bet. The feature may not be availabke above a certain bet threshold.


Activate the FOXIFY™ feature to increase your chances of triggering the Boom Pirates feature. The FOXIFY™ feature only applies to the base game and increases your base game bet by 50%. This increase does not effect symbol payouts. The feature will be automatically deactivated when the Buy Featurte dialog opened or Free Spins awarded.


WONDERWAYS™ operates seamlessly in the background, and can increase the number of ways to win in a single spin from the thousands to the millions or tens of millions ways. 

Game Details

Release Date
Game RTP
1024 – 10,077,696
Maximum Win
Portrait and Landscape modes available


Boom Pirates

Set at the peak of the pirate era, when skull-and-crossbones galleons raided the shipping lanes andsettlements of the Caribbean, Boom Pirates tells the story of legendary captain Mary and her loyal crew. Lazing in a hammock on deck and sleeping off a bottle of rum, Mary is jolted awake when her first mate spies an undefended port. With a parrot on her shoulder, to a soundtrack of sea shanties, Mary grabs her cutlass and she and her fully-animated crew go treasure hunting over a swashbuckling base game and three explosive special features.

Pioneering two new groundbreaking, trademarked technologies, Boom Pirates is primed to ignite with innovation when it brings the buccaneering experience to players this spring. Wonderways™ allows the playing grid to grow dynamically for a single spin, while Foxify™ amplifies the player’s bet by 50% to increase the chance of triggering Boom Pirates’ signature bonus game.

Game Intro