Foxium is hoisting the Jolly Roger and lighting the powder kegs to celebrate the launch of its latest slot game, Boom Pirates.

Set at the peak of the pirate era, when skull-and-crossbones galleons raided the shipping lanes and settlements of the Caribbean, Boom Pirates tells the story of legendary captain Mary and her loyal crew. Lazing in a hammock on deck and sleeping off a bottle of rum, Mary is jolted awake when her first mate spies an undefended port. With a parrot on her shoulder, to a soundtrack of sea shanties, Mary grabs her cutlass and she and her fully-animated crew go treasure hunting over a swashbuckling base game and three explosive special features. Pioneering two new groundbreaking, trademarked technologies, Boom Pirates is primed to ignite with innovation when it brings the buccaneering experience to players this spring. Wonderways™ allows the playing grid to grow dynamically for a single spin, while Foxify™ amplifies the player’s bet by 50% to increase the chance of triggering Boom Pirates’ signature bonus game.

Triggering at random in the base game, the Boom Pirates feature brings Mary’s galleon alongside the shore as the view zooms out, and the cannons start firing. Powered by Wonderways™, the playing field then expands vertically and horizontally at random – from an initial 5X4 up to a massive 9X6 – while the ways to win tally counts up from just over a thousand to a maximum of more than ten million, with a payout of up to 4,000X the player’s total bet. The latest in a roster of strong female leads in Foxium games, the fearsome Mary is also the star of Boom Pirates’ other exclusive features. At any time, she can swing in from off-screen, cross-slash with her cutlass, and turn a non-winning spin into a five-of-a-kind match. And as Mary leads her crew in a thunderous chant, YO-HO-HO scatter symbols can appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, with all three triggering a free spins round when they appear at once.

With an initial pool of 10 free spins, players can earn 5 more for another rousing chorus of YO-HO-HO, and random cells across the entire 6X9 playing grid can activate during free spins – and remain active until all free spins are finished. To provide even greater choice, Boom Pirates also allows players to buy free spins at any time – opening a treasure chest heaving with gold, gems, a ruby-eyed skull, and 10 free spins at 100X the current bet per spin. “Boom Pirates represents everything that makes Foxium games stand out from traditional casino content: from high-gloss presentation and 3D characters, to outstanding playability and innovative features” says Foxium’s CEO, Åke André. “But this is also the first outing for our new trademarked technologies, Foxify™ and Wonderways™, which together are transforming the player experience and putting new power in the hands of our incredible creative teams. We believe Boom Pirates will be an explosive success, and we are already mapping out ways to use our new technologies in future games.”

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Since 2015, Foxium has been raising expectations for storytelling in slot games. From its studio in Tallinn, Estonia, Foxium’s creative experts mix compelling themes and captivating narratives with innovative gameplay mechanics and 3D graphics. The result? Games with an unmistakable signature. Games that outfox the ordinary.

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