Foxium continues to strengthen its position as an up and coming slot production studio. Foxium earlier today struck a deal with White Wolf Publishing for its IP rights to the mega-brand World of Darkness. The deal will give Foxium access to one of the biggest IP in the RPG world and is expected to have the first game out in the market sometime later this year.

White Wolf Publishing was founded in 1991 and was acquired by Paradox Interactive in Nov 2015. White Wolf Publishing has several strong brands in its umbrella based from the world of darkness such as Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension and V:TES TCG to mention a few. This is the first deal for White Wolf Publishing that brings them into the online gambling market.

Foxium is a fast-growing talented production studio founded in 2015 with offices in Tallinn, Estonia and Umeå, Sweden. Foxium slot games are built around storytelling in order to give the end consumer a better game experience. Together with innovative gameplay, unique and modern game graphics it’s very easy to recognize games from Foxium.

Tobias Sjögren, CEO at White Wolf Publishing, commented, “We have the greatest respect for Foxium and Åke and what convinced us to enter into this agreement was their great passion and experience of our brand. We love working with passionate people who deliver great quality and that is what convinced us that Foxium will deliver a product that is true to our brand and to broaden our audience.”

Åke André, Co-Founder, and CEO at Foxium, said, “Since my early teens I have been a huge fan of White Wolf and the World of Darkness. This is a massive opportunity as we combine an amazing IP like World of Darkness and a talented studio like Foxium. I feel confident that Foxium can deliver games based on World of Darkness that will compel and amaze the “normal” online casino player and yet stay very true and honest to the brand itself so that the millions of old-school hardcore fans will not be disappointed.”

Foxium will be exhibiting their games at ICE Total Gaming 2-4th Feb in London and will be revealing more information when the first game based on World of Darkness will hit the market.

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Daniil Sanders – Creative Director

About Foxium

Foxium is a Tallinn-based creative game production studio founded in 2015. All our slot games are built around storytelling in order to give the end consumer a better game experience. Thanks to an incredible mixture of creativity and experience at Foxium we keep pushing the bar what can be expected from our studio. Our company has grown rapidly and thanks to the fantastic response from the market. To our fans who enjoy our games we promise never to become complacent but to continue giving you that “wow” experience with each new release.